How to care for your furniture?

Oct 27, 2020 Share

Author: Style Works Team

No one likes it when there is a stain on the rug or a chip on the wooden table. Furniture care should be a routine activity to make sure that they furnishings age well. We have a few tips to make it easy for you:

Depending on the material the care to tend is not the same:

Materials & Instructions

  • Leather: Immediately attend to the spills. Wipe it with a dry cloth Do not use non approved chemicals for treatment
  • Marble:  Wipe with a soft dry cloth Clean the stains with water
  • Mattresses: Dab with a light detergent on a damp cloth Every 6 months rotate the mattress 180 degrees
  • Metal: Wipe with a nonabrasive cloth dipped in soapy water Do not use non authorised chemicals for treatment
  • Micro Fibre: Use a damp cloth and wipe with a clean nonabrasive cloth Use a stain remover or tougher spills
  • Plastic: Use a dry soft cloth for wiping Tip: glass cleaners work well on plastic items too
  • Rugs: Use a clean dry cloth to blot the spills immediately For regular maintenance vacuum regularly on low power settings. Avoid using back and forth motions and vacuum in long strokes
  • Velvet: Use a dry cloth and attend to spills immediately
  • Wood: Use a dry cloth for wiping along with a wood cleaner for cleaning