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For minor stains you can check out this guide. For more extensive stains they are cleaned after we get back the furniture at the end of your subscription. Damages to products are charged at the end of the Subscription after evaluation. You can also rent stress free by choosing the Damage Waiver option at the time of booking to exempt you from payments in case of accidental damage and stains. (T&C’s apply)

Yes it is.

Minor scratches are part and parcel of reusable furniture and we understand it. As such no damages will be applied for minor scratches to the furniture.

Minimum period for any rental is 1 month.

If your requirements change and you need to cancel the subscription before the due date then simply contact us (info@styleworks.ae) . Your payment will be 50% of the remaining subscription or one month of subscription whichever is lesser. As prices change based on the duration of your Subscription the rate is likely to change if you cancel midway.

Its simple
1. Choose from the products on the website and add it to your cart (Note minimum subscription amount is AED130 per month)
2. Choose the duration of subscription from 1 to 12 months
3. Check out of the cart by adding your payment details and delivery address.
4. Sign a rental agreement online

Minimum subscription is at least AED130 per month. The subscription must last for at least 1 month. If you want it to be removed sooner it can be done but the subscription will be charged for the month. Pro rata day wise subscription is not available

If you rent the furniture for 12 months you have an option of owning the furniture at no extra cost.

You will be charged on the date of delivery

There is no deposit or booking amount etc. All you need to do is sign a rental agreement before delivery.

You can change your billing info on My Account

1. It is cheaper: Rental duration’s vary typically between 3 months to 2 years. Depending on the duration of your rental it is more likely that you will return the furniture before you pay the entire cost. Home furniture is one of the most depreciating asset and instead of paying a massive one time cost a no commitment renting would help you save costs.
2.Freedom to furnish: It gives you the flexibility to change your furniture whenever you want. You can upgrade or downgrade which suits your circumstance.
3.No Compromises: With renting massive opportunities open up to setup your dream home at a fraction of the cost without breaking the bank.

No delivery and one (1) pick up of your furniture is complimentary.

Delivery time is 3 days. However you can choose the express service and get it delivered in 24hours

Yes furniture installation is done for all the deliveries