How to clean any upholstered furniture

Nov 02, 2020 Share

Author: Style Works Team

Upholstered furniture is the best one to come home to after a long day at work. Although it is comfortable, it also requires maintenance especially when soiled. Please bear in mind that certain things may cause damage beyond repair to the furniture and hence it’s important to know what you are doing.

1. Checking first cleaning later:

Most upholstery manufacturers/furniture providers would normally give you a guide or label to tell you exactly what goes and what does not. If however you don’t have that then we recommend that you test out different cleaners in an inconspicuous area. Different chemicals in the cleaners react differently with upholstery and hence knowledge of what is okay for your type would save you a lot trouble. Here are some labels which are industry standard that manufacturers normally put on labels

W: Any water or foam based cleaning agent would do. Do not use tap water as the minerals would cause staining. If needed use distilled water

S: Only use water free and mild cleaning agents. Do not use water. Dry clean in whole always and never in parts.

SW: Any water or foam based cleaning agent. Use mild water free cleaning solvent. Only distilled water permitted

X: Only vacuum and light brush is permitted No cleaning agent, water or any other cleaner allowed.

2. If the fabric is already stained then here are some tips to minimize damage

Blood: Use the rinse-blot-rinse technique along with a salt water solution.

Butter: Use dry solvent which is prepared commercially for greasy stains on a clean cloth and blot the affected area. A mixture of 1 cup of water and 1 tbsp of detergent can be used to finish it off. Do not rub just blot the affected area.

Ink: Use hairspray solution on the affected area. Use the rinse-blot-rinse technique to finish it off.

Red wine: Requires immediate attention. Try to blot out affected area with an absorbent cloth. For persistent stains use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and soap detergent in a 2:2 ratio and dab on the affected area. Please use the solution very carefully as hydrogen peroxide can cause fading.

For all other stains a rinse-blot-rinse technique with a solution of detergent and water will do.

For leather items avoid direct sunlight as far as possible and use the rinse-blot-rinse technique with a solution of detergent and water and clean the affected area.