How to Setup your Dining Room for the Holidays?

Nov 01, 2020 Share

Author: Style Works Team

Now that the holiday season is coming up its time to add the wow factor to your home. Believe it or not you could do that at a fraction of the cost provided you know what you are doing. Here’s our take on raising your house level several notches higher.Most dining areas have a highlight or emphasizing factor now that maybe a fireplace or an oversized window or a well setup bar. This is where you start and either create or add something that accentuates it.

1. Identify a focal point in the dining Room.

Most interior designers will know that designing a room around the focal point instantly creates interest and gives structure and definition to the room. As we mentioned earlier it could literally be anything a bar, a window or for that matter even a cabinet which has interior lighting.

2. Gotto go Big!

Large artwork pieces or even accessories generally tend to go well if your room, has a contemporary look. In case it is mid century or Hollywood style or even a coastal look the paintings or massive rugs, large sculptures, or quirky lighting pieces would look good as well. Do remember that one large piece is definitely much better than having several small pieces.

3. Quality is important

Choose pieces that exude elegance as they display your good taste to your guests as well giving an aura of a handpicked piece. Our suggestion would be to invest in time tested brand especially in these cases where precision and reliability is important; this will also ensure that your investment is worth it.

4. Create Boldness

Nowadays most of our homes have pastel colours with a definitive shift towards lighter and milder colours. So putting an occasional bright colour adds instant recognition to the room. We suggest using accessories like throws, pillows or even rugs. Using graphic or floral patterns will enhance the richness of the colours even more. Painting one wall with a completely different colour remains an option too but it takes time and effort.