Renting Furniture as a Concept

Oct 01, 2020 Share

Author: Style Works Team

The world is changing. We are moving towards a service based industry. With our ever changing lifestyles and ever changing needs, furniture as an industry has somehow appeared to be stuck in time. Today our likes and dislikes are significantly different and more importantly they are dynamic. What appeals us a week back goes out of fashion as quickly e.g viral YouTube videos. Hence its time for the furniture industry to change as well.

So here’s our pitch listing the advantages of renting furniture.

1. It costs less

The cost of renting furniture is far less than paying a massive upfront price to own it. Rental duration vary typically from 1 month to 2 years.  It is more likely that you will complete the term before ever paying the full cost. Moreover you get to space out payments which means you can invest your money in more productive assets like financial markets.

2. Freedom and Flexibility:

While buying furniture you are stuck too your budget. However with renting you get too enjoy good upscale furniture by splitting a massive one time payment to commitment free installations. The best part if you don’t like you change it or upgrade or downgrade to suit your convenience

3. Perfect for Temporary requirements:

Expats who are planning to stay for short duration or people moving places constantly need not have to go through the hassle of buying and then take on the pain of selling it online for virtually nothing. You can buy on the combined plans that helps you setup the whole house for a monthly rental. As before if you don’t like it change it.

4. Helps in Moving and discarding:

Rental companies normally help with moving as well picking up furniture in case no longer required.

5. Eco Friendly

Most furniture ends up in the scrap as it is not properly maintained in the first place and discarded before its service life. Millions of tons of furniture ends up in landfills damaging the environment.